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None of my research would be possible without the help of my graduate students and my collaborators in other departments, disciplines and institutions.

Graduate Students who have worked in the Gramig "lab"

Current students

He, Xiaoyang (Ph.D.), 2016-2017 . Research assistant working on travel cost model of Lake Michigan anglers in Illinois and Indiana.

Former students

Molly Van Dop (M.S.), 2014-2016Irrigation adoption, groundwater demand and policy in the U.S. Corn Belt, 2040-2070. Placement: PhD program, University of California-Berkeley, Ag and Resource Economics. [link

Seong do Yun (Ph.D.),  2011-2015. Co-advised by Raymond Florax. Spatial analysis of ecosystem services, natural disasters and household location choice. Placement: Post-doc, School of Forestry and Environmental Sciences, Yale University. (beginning 8/2017: Assistant Professor, Mississippi State University) [link]

Sajeev E.M. (M.S.), 2009-2011 Ecological Science & Engineering and 2012-2014 Ag Economics. Climate change adaptation. Placement: PhD program, University of Graz, Austria. [link]

Shanxia Sun (Ph.D.) Modeling nitrogen fertilizer-soil-climate outcomes in maize-based cropping systems, 2014. [link]

Mengbo Wang (non-thesis M.S.), 2013-2014. Cost-effectiveness of alternative nitrogen reduction strategies in Henan Province, China. Placement: Smithfield Foods, VA, USA. 

Jingyu Song (M.S.), 2012-2013. A Spatially Explicit Watershed Scale Optimization of Cellulosic Biofuels Production. Placement: PhD program, Purdue Ag Econ.  [link]

Tianyun (Helen) Ji (M.S.), 2010-2012. The Economics of Cellulosic Biofuels: Farm to Fuel Cost Analysis of the Supply Chain. Placement: AGCO-China.  [link]

Carson Reeling (M.S.), 2009-11. Using Carbon Offsets to Fund Agricultural Conservation Practices in a Working-Lands Setting. Placement: PhD program, Michigan State University. (current: Asst. Professor, economics and environmental studies, Western Michigan University)  [link]

Jessa Becker Barnard (M.S.), 2009-11. An empirical analysis of climate change perceptions and conservation tillage practices of Indiana farmers. Placement: Adayana, Inc. (current: Univ. of Illinois). [link]

Monique Fahie (M.S.), 2008-10. Cap-and-Trade Policy: The Influence on Investments in CO2 Reducing Technologies in Indiana. Placement: USDA-NRCS (current: U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis). 

Photos of a few of my research collaborators

Watershed Scale Optimization to Meet Sustainable Cellulosic Energy
Crop Demands in the Midwest USA (U.S. Dept. of Energy)

Useful to Usable (U2U): Transforming Climate Variability and Change Information for Cereal Crop Producers (USDA-NIFA, AFRI)

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